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About Us

We started humbly from a small company with only 3 sets of machines and 5 members in 2013. Because of constant hard working, our factory became into a plant with 5,000㎡production area, 50+ sets of machines and 20+ members in 2016. As we keep engaging in eco-friendly products, we grew rapidly and established a modernized factory in 2023 covering 18,000㎡ production area and there is still 12,000㎡area under plan. Nowadays we have over 200 sets of various machines and 50+ members. Thanks to all of our clients, friends and teammates. There is still a long way to go and let us keep working hard for the future.

Question and Answer

Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

Absolutely manufacturer, we have our own factory covering 30,000+ ㎡.

Where is your company?

We are in Qingdao city, China. Our factory is nearby Qingdao seaport and easy to arrange the shipments.

What products you could produce?

As you may see on our website, we have paper plates, paper bowls, open food containers and paper boxes.

What certificates do you have?

BRC for global packaging, Sedex 4P Semi-announced, FSC and ISO9001:2015.

What product tests do you have?

FDA and EU food contact regulations. Our products are safe and eco-friendly.

Which country do you have exported to?

USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and UAE, etc. Over 30 countries in all. We have rich experience to work with clients worldwidely.

What is your production capacity?

We have 200+ machines and could produce 50+ full containers per month. For urgent orders, lead time could be within 20 days.

What about your quality?

We have strict regulations on every process. Few complaints these years. And we have excellent after-sale service and are ready to solve any of your problem.

Could I customize my own product?

Sure, please tell us what you want.

How can I contact you?

email, whatsapp, phone or the way you like. We will reply within 24 hours in general.

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Client Testimonials

These paper plates are the right price and they work for exactly what I need them for. Are they the sturdiest plates I have ever seen? Absolutely not. But I use these plates for things like: eating chips, pizza slices, sandwiches, toast, etc. I'm not using them for heavy things. I usually double/triple up on plates and then throw away the top plate that has the crumbs on it and reuse the underneath plates for next time. If you need paper plates for heavier foods, these probably aren't for you. If you need them for quick snacks, can't go wrong for the price.
beautiful, fence, girl-1867374.jpg
Miss Alina
I am very pleased and very impressed with the quality of the paper plates, paper napkins, and plastic cups you sent me. The plate kept its integrity when placed under water, it did not leak. it did very well in the microwave but l wouldn't keep it there longer than 1 minute. That goes for any paper plate and not just yours. l knew this plate was solid after seeing its weight of 22.5g on the scale.The matte plate has a better finish compared to other plates. l didn't expect that to be thecase but it is.This plate can compete against any paper plate in the U.S. market.
business, man, businessman-1042709.jpg
Dr. Beth
They are nice and acted quickly. It was a good expererience with them. I will order again. Thank you guys.

entrepreneur, start-up, man-593371.jpg
Will Smith

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